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Home Beer KegeratorThere is nothing quite like coming home after a long day’s work to a pint of cold, fresh draft beer. Better still, after a long week at work inviting friends and family to your home to toss a couple beers back as you watch your favorite sport. The last thing you would want is to serve warm beer to your guest or wait while it’s chilling in the fridge; cold beer rules! To ensure that you will always be able to drink cold, fresh beer you need to choose one of the best models. The many kinds of brands and models out there on the market can confuse an expert let alone a one time buyer. To help in that endeavor we’ve reviewed some of the best kegerators available for our fellow draft beer enthusiasts whether they are at the what is a kegerator stage (sometimes misspelt kegorator) or they’re all researched out and just looking for the best deal.

The days when beer used to be stored in a bucket full of ice or you’d have to wait hours for your case from the beer store to cool in your fridge are long gone. Keg dispensers cool down your beer to your ideal temperature without freezing it and keeps the beer fresh. This way you can enjoy your favorite beer as if it has been brewed only a few minutes ago. This handy addition to any beer lover’s home preserves your beer for 3 or more months ensuring you will enjoy your keg to the last drop. If you’re looking for a home kegerator you need to decide between purchasing a ready-to- use unit or those sold in the form of kits allowing you to convert a fridge into a kegerator. Though more expensive, a ready-to-use system is the best as you can start using them immediately. Kits need to be assembled and this takes time and some skill so you may need to hire an expert to assemble your conversion kit.

The top kegerators come in a variety of sizes, styles and functionality. Consequently, you need to decide the capacity that you require. You do not want a product that will not hold enough beer for you. In essence, if you drink everyday or every weekend with friends and family, you will need more capacity. This will save time that you spent fetching beer from your supplier every now and then and it can save money as buying beer in kegs is generally much more cost effective than buying by the bottle or can.

Most people looking for a home kegerator will choose a full-sized one such as the Danby DKC645BLS or the Sanyo BC1206 as they allow you to store all standard keg sizes from full sized 1/2 kegs down to 1/6 slim kegs. This allows you to choose different size kegs depending on how much beer you think you will go though over the next couple of months. Generally, kegerators come in two main designs; one that can be hidden under the counter of your kitchen or bar or one that is freestanding for flexible placement much like a standard mini-fridge. If you have a beer bar in your home the ideal choice would be one that can be hidden under the counter to blend with your current setup.

When choosing a draft beer dispenser for your home decide on one that not only looks good but shows some important signs of quality and design thought such as an external CO2 tank. External tanks keep the gas at room temperature so it will be much more efficient and will last longer. Another handy feature of some kegerators is the ability to convert it to a mini-fridge for those times when you are not using it to keep your beer cold. Also, a stage for serving the beer that also includes a drip tray as well as a guard rail is an absolute must.

The search for the best kegerator for your needs can be fun and exhausting at the same time but when it’s time to buy be sure to choose a well established ecommerce retailer., with a track record of over a decade of online sales and service as well as consistently being on the Internet Retailer Top 500 List achieving position #253 in 2011, is by far and large the absolute best place to purchase a kegerator online!