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EdgeStar KC2000

The EdgeStar KC2000 is quickly becoming a customer favorite and is selling like hotcakes not to mention it’s accumulating a ton of customer reviews which usually means one of two things: it’s either incredibly poor or incredibly good! It’s quite evident that this EdgeStar beer dispenser gets an overwhelmingly, resounding thumbs up from customers who have bought this beer dispenser system.

The KC2000 exudes outstanding value by combining a precision crafted compact refrigerator with NSF-approved, commercial-grade beer lines. This inevitably helps to save you your hard earned money over the long term by ensuring your beer is ice cold and flowing through to the tap. Additional to the beer lines, the faucets, tower, hoses and handles are also NSF approved, not to mention they’re USA-made as well.

As far as versatility goes this kegerator easily fits full-sized, half-shell Sankey standard kegs with few limited exceptions. In addition to its sleek design and wide compatibility it comes already equipped with an upgraded as well as brewer-preferred aluminum CO2 cylinder (supplied empty but easily refilled at virtually any propane station) which is externally mounted. Having the CO2 tank externally mounted also means that it will not require as many refills as those stored internally. CO2 containers that are stored internally become cold meaning that they can use up to twice as much CO2 because the cold air compresses the gas making it less efficient.

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EdgeStar KC2000 Owner’s Manual
EdgeStar KC2000 Easy Installation Guide
EdgeStar KC2000 Regulator Adjustment Guide

Available In Single Tap, Dual Tap, Black and Stainless Steel Models

Kegerator KC2000 Exploded View

This EdgeStar model comes in two varieties: the KC2000 standard black on black finished cabinet and the KC2000SS black finished cabinet with a stainless steel door. A version of each is also available (KC2000TWIN and KC2000SSTWIN) that include not one but two taps on the beer tower to allow you to fill two glasses of ice cold, refreshing beer at the same time.

With these versatile kegerator style choices coupled with the fact that it is one of the easiest installations as far as home kegerators go on the market it is absolute ideal for people who are not familiar with setting up and installing a home kegerator or commercial draft beer system.

    EdgeStar KC2000 Features:

  • Available in full black on black or black with silver door finish (KC2000, KC2000SS)
  • Each finish is also available in a dual tap model (KC2000TWIN, KC2000SSTWIN)
  • Holds full-sized half barrel kegs and all smaller kegs (excluding Miller rubberized, Coors or other oversized kegs)
  • US made hoses, faucets, tower, and handles
  • NSF approved
  • UL approved
  • Empty brewer-preferred 5 lb. aluminum CO2 cylinder included
  • American Sankey D system coupler included
  • Reversible door
  • Included casters for easy mobility
  • Ideal for home or commercial use
  • Easily converts to mini-fridge

Where To Buy The EdgeStar KC2000

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