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Sanyo BC1206NOTE: The Sanyo BC1206 has been discontinued. May we suggest the EdgeStar KC2000?

The Sanyo BC1206 kegerator beer cooler is a great addition to any rec room, home bar, garage, patio or just about anywhere else in and around your house thanks to the 2.5″ caster wheels that make it not only portable but easy to move. It is a full-sized kegerator that holds all standard kegs sizes up to half-barrel kegs as well as space inside for a CO2 tank up to 15 pounds. This unit even comes with everything you need to tap your first keg of beer right away including 5 feet of beer line assembly, gas lines, an aluminum 5 lb. CO2 cylinder not to mention a complete cleaning kit and a beer FAQ.

The attractive black cabinet with right-hinged door and 15″ beer tower make it an easy match for any decor not to mention discreet enough to keep tucked into a corner if you prefer. A chrome guard rail and plastic drip tray round out the aesthetics of this popular keg cooler. As a high quality unit it is designed to be used as a home kegerator so it is both energy efficient and quiet and the mechanical temperature control is fully adjustable so you can find that perfect coldness for your particular taste.

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Sanyo BC-1206 Owner’s Manual

Chills Your Beer Quickly And Keeps It Cold

Sanyo BC1206 Beer TowerAs you can imagine getting your beer cold and keeping it there is one of the most important functions of a beer dispenser and it’s stunning how many fail in that regard. A recurring theme among customers who have chosen the BC-1206 home kegerator is it’s ability to cool your keg of beer quickly and keep it at a nice, even temperature ensuring your beer stays fresh and frosty for months. This home kegerator is an excellent choice for anyone looking for versatility in use, an attractive design, a known brand you can trust not to mention exceptionally cold beer time and time again.

    Sanyo BC1206 Features:

  • Attractive black cabinet with 15″ chrome beer tower
  • Holds standard full-sized half barrel kegs and all smaller kegs
  • Aluminum 5 lb. CO2 cylinder included
  • American Sankey D system coupler included
  • Includes all lines and accessories needed
  • Casters allow for easy mobility
  • Complete cleaning kit included
  • Quiet operation means it is ideal for home
  • Adjustable mechanical temperature control
  • Quiet and energy efficient

Where To Buy The Sanyo BC1206

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